Property sourcing

What is Property sourcing? This is where we negotiate a property deal and package it ready to then be sold on to a property investor.

Rent to own schemes

In a conventional residential house purchase, a purchaser will typically pay a deposit on exchange of contracts, typically 25% – so for..

Buy to sell

A buy to sell property is one that is purchased below market value due to poor condition or perhaps a structural problem, refurbished ..

Rent to rent

We can agree to rent your property at a guaranteed £rent for a term of several years. During this time we will put tenants in the property …


House of Multiple occupancy – this is a house where each room is rented out on its own tenancy agreement. HMOs can be lucrative ..

Property development

With demand for housing strong, there are many opportunities to build houses on land for a profit. We work with investors to source..


A variation on property development, self-build has many advantages – it can provide an opportunity to design a house to one’s..

Assisted sales

We’ll arrange a free initial consultation so that we can view your house, assess what improvements could be made and propose a way..