Rent to rent (rent2rent)

Rent to rent (rent2rent) – if you’re fed up being a landlord then this could be just for you. So, just what is rent to rent (rent2rent)? We can agree to rent your property at a guaranteed £rent for a term of several years. During this time we will put tenants in the property under a company let scheme. It’s possible that we could do some initial work out our expense in order to make the property suitable for the type of professional tenants that we deal with. For you, the property owner, aspiring landlord or current landlord this is a completely passive way to make money from your property. We do all the work, you relax and enjoy a hassle free income. There are no management fees to pay and we take care of all the day to day operational tasks.

If you’re not ready to sell up but have had enough of being a landlord – advertising, dealing with tenants, collecting rent, conducting viewings and all the rest of it, this really is a perfect solution. It is a great way of continuing to be invested in property but without having to spend any time on it.

Maybe you are not a landlord, but like the idea of being one but not sure you have to time to actually become one. You are looking to move out of your home and like the idea of investing in property. Rent to rent (rent2rent) could be right for you!. We will rent your property from you, you can move on and have no worries over all the duties a landlord has to fulfil. We take care of the rest! It’s a worry free passive way of investing in property allowing someone else to take care of the hard work and complying with legislation. You own the house, we do the rest!

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