Ambition Property Group HMO workshop

Ambition Property Group HMO workshop

Our Ambition Property Group HMO workshop presented by Paul Jordan was a great success today proving very popular with attendees, all providing great reviews! It was a pretty intensive session with so much material to cover from HMO council regulations, licensing, choosing the right location, finding and vetting prospective tenants, maintenance, furnishing to the right standard and an array of other subject material. There is a lot to know when setting up and running an HMO. Paul Jordan has been operating his own HMOs for more than seven years and has witnessed the many changes that have taken place during this time. HMOs still prove to more lucrative than standard lets when done properly. Paul was supported by Jo Lines, herself an experienced landlord (landlady?!). The HMO workshop provides a terrific foundation from which to have sufficient knowledge to operate your first HMO property.

The Grosvenor Hotel proved to be a superb venue for the training delivery and definitely a venue we’ll be using again, conveniently situated with plenty of on street metered parking.

Further HMO workshops are planned, if this is of interest to you then please contact us at to express your interest and let us now a little bit more about what you are looking to learn.

Ambition Property Hub Event at Boringdon Hall

Ambition Property Hub Event at Boringdon Hall

We all had a great night at the Ambition Property Hub Event, an education and training event for property investors based in the South West, at Boringdon Hall Hotel and Spa. Excellent talks from David Clewer mortgage specialist, Gordon McCaw from Mark Holt Chartered Accountants, and Andy Price from Bright Solicitors. Property investment requires so much specialist knowledge from different fields – law, construction, finance, tax and inheritance planning so it was fantastic having so much expertise in the room. Sometimes a question may need experts to consult together in order to provide an optimum answer. Like any network event, it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded property investors and share knowledge. Great venue. A wide range of levels of investors in the room from newbies to sophisticated property portfolio owners. There is always something new to learn and events like this are a great way to keep updated with the latest news in the world of property investment where changes and legislation, tax, finance and interest rates are key to know in order to optimise your portfolio.

The End Game – The Ultimate Exit Strategy!

We all evolve – make sure your plans do as well

By Jo Lines 11th January 2018

None of us get out of life alive – so let’s make it the best one we can. Trying to look forward and plan for the future can sometimes feel quite a daunting task but my advice to you is do it now! As I get older the days seem shorter, weeks roll into months and Christmas seems to come round sooner than ever before. I look at my life and what I have achieved over the last 37 years and am quite astounded how I fitted it all in and yet there are so many things I wish I could have done.

Having been in property industry for the majority of my career I feel it has done me some huge favours and enabled me to have a passive income as well as growing my assets and business portfolio. Without it, I may have only had all my eggs in one basket with a JOB (which as we all know means Just Over Broke). I have been lucky enough to be able to get out of debt and live the life I have longed for.

Planning ahead gives us the edge – to prioritise what we want from life and be financially free enough to make it happen. Life will not stand still for us, there is no pause button. Everyday is a gift and we all need to get the very best out of it.

Speaking to experts like us can really help to give clarity in your life – looking at it in a holistic manner can truly give you a plan that will carve out the future as you want it. Having a great plan 10 years ago may well not fit your circumstances now, keep up to date and revise it regularly. There are so many new strategies, legislations and great technologies that can make the journey a bit of a rollercoaster ride if you are not up to speed with it all.

Ambition Property Group are interested in speaking with you if you need advice on your portfolio, whether that be how to build it, optimise it or become a hands off landlord with peace of mind the money will still come in.

Jo and Paul have nearly 40 years worth of experience within the property sector and offer a free of charge, no obligation review or chat to see where we can help. We’d love to hear from you!